As a child, I had travelled a great deal across the lengths and breadths of the country. Thanks to my travel loving parents, who had imbibed a culture of travelling in me at a very young age. Be it the hills of Darjeeling or the forts of Rajasthan to the temples of Rameswaram or the beaches of Goa, I had seen it all. Although, I was too small to soak in all the real experiences back then, but nevertheless, those memories are still golden.


However, I would be lying if I say that travelling has always been my passion. In fact, for most times, I have equated travelling with tiresome bus journeys, longhaul flights and nothing-to-do layovers. But having moved to Bangalore last year, I got to see some of the most beautiful places in South India and my whole faith in travelling has been restored once again. With my first ever tour abroad coming my way, I had lots of speculations in my head as to what to expect from a foreign land. Little did I know, the other side of the world that I was about to explore, would bring me so many surprises and mesmerize me in ways that I could only have imagined. As they say, Travelling makes you speechless and turns you in to a storyteller.The same has come true rightfully in my case.


My first destination was Thailand. As our plane was about to touch the ground, I could feel the thrill and excitement of stepping in to a different country for the very first time. The city of Bangkok had a great welcoming feeling to it and I, almost immediately felt at home. As I hit the roads, I was thrilled by the beauty of the city and how clean and refreshing the overall feeling was.


My next Destination was Singapore, the small island country in South East Asia. Singapore surprised me in end number of ways and got me spellbound all throughout my time in the country. One could see the time and effort that has been put in to maintaining the city’s cleanliness and beauty. Broad spacious roads with greenery on both sides with sky scrapers all around, one cannot but appreciate the beauty of the city. It is rather interesting to see people from diverse races and backgrounds living in such peace and harmony in such a tiny country. Needless to mention here, the China Town area that hosts a Mosque, a Hindu Temple, a Buddhist Monastery and A Church all in the same street, a truly rare sight. Singapore gave me a real feeling of how living in a first world country would be like and it is not only about the big malls and the sky scrapers, but also the people and their love for their country which is manifested in the little of the things. Be it no littering or no honking or no smoking in public places. Singapore can proudly stand as an example to the world of how little efforts can make big differences and that the state of peace is not just a political but a human effort.



 After a mesmerizing three-day trip in Singapore, the next country that awaited me was Malaysia. Malaysia was especially interesting at the very outset because, for the first time I had the opportunity to enter a country by land. The distance from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur is about 355 km and it took me about 5 hours on bus. It was an ultimate experience I must say. The highways are nicely constructed and the look and feel of the surroundings seemed similar to that of India as we passed through the country sides. The sight of the famous Petronas Towers from a distance, shining in pride across the Kuala Lumpur skyline thrilled me to my very core. Locals were really friendly although not everybody can speak English. Rules are more liberal than that in Singapore. For instance, smoking is allowed in public unlike Singapore, where smoking is allowed only in designated places.


Never in my life, I thought I would feel so nostalgic about a foreign land. But like I said, this trip was full of surprises. It was a great learning experience and I shall cherish these memories all my life. I had some great personal takeaways and then there were some which everyone should learn and follow.


Travelling makes you realize about your own potential and when you come back home, you know yourself a little bit better, I can vouch for that. It opens up your senses and broadens up your mind to new ideas. Meeting new people and experiencing new culture makes you appreciate more or sometimes even question your native world. It does not matter where one should travel, but at least once a year, a trip to an unseen land should be on everyone’s bucket list. You never know, you may experience something entirely life changing.




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Surendra Nath Haloi June 8, 2019 at 2:08 PM

Nice presentation of your travel experience. Keep on writting.


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