Who is Hamid? Whose voice is he? Is he alive? Is his voice heard in the valley anymore? Where is Hamid?


Strangely enough, Hamid is the question and Hamid is the answer too “Hamid sawal bhi hai aur jawab bhi”. Hamid is the soul, the essence of Kashmir but today he lies in peril. His existence is hurt, his beliefs are shaken and his innocence is robbed.


Hamid does not know what 786 means, nor he knows what 370 means. His mother,  uneducated herself but wants little Hamid to touch the sky, not make it to heaven. But poor Hamid is nipped in the bud every time with utmost iniquity.


He now pelts stones. Why won’t he? His beloved father has not returned home for a year now. He doesn’t want to believe that his father could be rat trapped in a barn, now lifeless. Hamid lives on a photo of his father and he still hums the song that his father used to sing for him.


But strangely, Hamid is not the only one who faces all the wrath in the valley. His peace takers are in turmoil too. In fact, their emotions are in jeopardy. After all, they have to retaliate hard to Hamid’s stones. Their muscular hands tremble when they pull the triggers towards little Hamid.


By the way, one of them is a father now. Today, his new born is 5 months old and he is dying to wrap his little kid in his beefy strong arms.


In a parallel universe, maybe his little kid is Hamid himself, sitting in a beautiful corner of the valley, father teaches his son ‘the art of language’. But in this universe, Hamid and he are standing on two ‘opposing’ sides where stones are answered with pellets and pellets are answered with more stones. In this universe, Hamid and the father are solemn enemies.




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Vikas Kumar June 15, 2019 at 4:41 PM

Lovely. Poignant. Coincidentally, am in Srinagar right now while I read this. Just a couple of hours ago, a local boy was discussing the film and the issue with me at a wedding, over Wazwaan. At a recent screening in Delhi, I took several questions related to the situation in the valley.
Glad that our little film provides a somewhat “as is” depiction of the situation here.


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